Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Well yea.

Ive been inactive lately, yadda yadda, issues relating to the great and terrible thing known as life.

On that note, Id like to point those of you who are interested towards some ideas that might provoke some constructive thoughts in your heads.
-"Differentiate between implied value, and actual value, IE, What something is worth, compared to what you can get for it"
-"Credit and Cash, There is a radical difference, the former is created on the promise that you will provide a larger sum of Cash at the end of the Credit line. But where does the additional Cash come from?"
-"Credit to Cash, Where does this transformation take place?"

Other than that, I wish you a continued good day.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

In the name of

Who are you loyal to?
To laws by man or "god"?
To ideas perpetrated by one camp or another?
Do you even understand why someone would demand your loyalty?

In the end, my best advice would be as follows;

Do what you think best, because by doing so, you cannot be too wrong regardless of outcome.