Monday, March 28, 2011


There are many things that can bother you. However, it all comes down to a few simple issues.
1. Will this issue affect my ability to react to future issues, if so, in a positive or negative way.
2. Will my reaction cause problems, either immediately, or later on, for my ability to evaluate my options in regards to reacting to any given issue?

Understanding these, and then understanding how they directly govern how you respond to any situation, will enable to predict most logical actions for most people. However, it can also be summed in a single statement, made in the old SPQR. "Qui Bono?" Who profits?..

Saturday, March 19, 2011


Right. This is gonna be a short one.
Just gonna trow out a little hint for those of you who want to have a slightly special thing happening to yourself, or those of you who want to condition yourself to a certain type of behavior. Today, we are gonna cover the "happy Trip" by means of training.

Right so here is what you do. Get to the point where you are a little hungry. Go and work out for like 30 minutes, this gotta be on the medium-high end spectrum of training. You should be quite hungry when you are done, and have this sucking feeling in your legs and the like.
Get a salad, something with meat and green, and some fat-rich sauce, like creme-fresh, and nom down a 400g dose of that salad, along with a liter of water.

This is going to trigger a massive flux of endorpins in your brain, making you happy, now while this is happening, think about how good you did when you worked out. Repeat this a few times, and you will get a little of that happy whenever you think about working out. And presto, Programmed behavior, type Pavlovian dog style.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Blah blah blah.

Hey you. Want to change the world? Want to be special? Well DONT!.
You see, part of the problem of today, is simply that anything that upsets the standards set by today's leaders in any given field, is considered to be something equivalent to what in the dark ages were called heresy.
The witch hunt is still active, its still here, we have just renamed it, and retooled it.

Part of this problem stems from the idiocy that have gripped society as a whole, truth is no longer an absolute, truth is what the majority believes, regadless if this belief have any sort of foundation in reality.
Its the litter implementation of what George Orwell described as, "The will of the party, is not dependent upon facts"
For instance, it used to be that a theory was considered "truth" if you could not refute it, now, its just a matter of having enough "scientists" endorsing it, and it will become truth, or not, depending if your theory falls in line with that the editors of the major science journals perceive as "truth". Case in point, Climategate. If you are not disgusted by a team of credited scientists talking about how to change their raw data to suit their ideas about "truth", then you need to get your head looked at.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

This whole Nuclear deal.

Right. Let me put this in as simple therms as possible. A coal power plant, releases more radioactivity in a day, then what have been released by the Fukushima incident. Further, the REACTOR did not fail. Its systems worked wonderfully, considering it survived an earthquake that was about 2 points above what it was rated against. Protip: The Richter scale is not linear, its an exponential function.

The problem was that the wave that followed the quake, destroyed most of the support aparatus needed to operate the emergency systems. Most importantly the diesel fuel. Thus preventing a boron injection..

End result? The media loves to blow shit out of proportion. Nuclear power is still the cleanest, most efficient means of producing sustainable power. The environmental damage you would cause, by building a wind-park equivalent of a nuclear power plant, is like comparing someone who takes a piss in the woods, with someone who dumps a couple of tons of lead in the fresh water lake, supplying the city.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Food. This all important thing that we must all have.
Consider the following, Somalia have, on its own, enough farmland to feed the entire African continent.
And they say we are going to have trouble feeding everyone on this world? Nah, the problem is, that people are idiots. Its the 98% rule. 98% of everyone, will be a complete jackass 98% of the time. It ties in with the law of the innate evil in all things, to form part of the Theorem on why the world hates you.

Oh yes. Im bored with Chemistry, Have some of its knowledge.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Studying is hard work.

Yes. It is.
However. Considering the net return for higher education in Norway, and you are left with a slightly sour taste in your mouth. But then you remember that we dont live in a Democracy, We live in a Bureaucracy. When our finance minister knows less about economics, then I know about mono-molecular construction. Yes.

Also, Consider the following. Its a quote from Rorschach. I find his sentiments to be, fundamental to any understanding of how the larger interaction between people affect the options available to others.

Sunday, March 13, 2011


Right. It will be english. Sorry about that. I know some might prefer this to be in Norwegian, and some more obscure might even find it offensive that this "private" blog is not in sambezian or somefuckeduplanguagethatisnotspokenbymorethenfivepersonsinthisworld.

Now. Onto matters that you might enjoy.

Right. Blastoff then?

To put it bluntly. Its a blog. Its not going to be up to the minute. Its not going to be a place where I share my dreams n hopes. Its going to be a place where I put up stuff that you may or may not find useful. However, you mileage may fluctuate, in particular for ponces.

To that note, Lets have a look at some more or less useful links.
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