Saturday, March 19, 2011


Right. This is gonna be a short one.
Just gonna trow out a little hint for those of you who want to have a slightly special thing happening to yourself, or those of you who want to condition yourself to a certain type of behavior. Today, we are gonna cover the "happy Trip" by means of training.

Right so here is what you do. Get to the point where you are a little hungry. Go and work out for like 30 minutes, this gotta be on the medium-high end spectrum of training. You should be quite hungry when you are done, and have this sucking feeling in your legs and the like.
Get a salad, something with meat and green, and some fat-rich sauce, like creme-fresh, and nom down a 400g dose of that salad, along with a liter of water.

This is going to trigger a massive flux of endorpins in your brain, making you happy, now while this is happening, think about how good you did when you worked out. Repeat this a few times, and you will get a little of that happy whenever you think about working out. And presto, Programmed behavior, type Pavlovian dog style.

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