Thursday, March 17, 2011

This whole Nuclear deal.

Right. Let me put this in as simple therms as possible. A coal power plant, releases more radioactivity in a day, then what have been released by the Fukushima incident. Further, the REACTOR did not fail. Its systems worked wonderfully, considering it survived an earthquake that was about 2 points above what it was rated against. Protip: The Richter scale is not linear, its an exponential function.

The problem was that the wave that followed the quake, destroyed most of the support aparatus needed to operate the emergency systems. Most importantly the diesel fuel. Thus preventing a boron injection..

End result? The media loves to blow shit out of proportion. Nuclear power is still the cleanest, most efficient means of producing sustainable power. The environmental damage you would cause, by building a wind-park equivalent of a nuclear power plant, is like comparing someone who takes a piss in the woods, with someone who dumps a couple of tons of lead in the fresh water lake, supplying the city.

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