Friday, March 18, 2011

Blah blah blah.

Hey you. Want to change the world? Want to be special? Well DONT!.
You see, part of the problem of today, is simply that anything that upsets the standards set by today's leaders in any given field, is considered to be something equivalent to what in the dark ages were called heresy.
The witch hunt is still active, its still here, we have just renamed it, and retooled it.

Part of this problem stems from the idiocy that have gripped society as a whole, truth is no longer an absolute, truth is what the majority believes, regadless if this belief have any sort of foundation in reality.
Its the litter implementation of what George Orwell described as, "The will of the party, is not dependent upon facts"
For instance, it used to be that a theory was considered "truth" if you could not refute it, now, its just a matter of having enough "scientists" endorsing it, and it will become truth, or not, depending if your theory falls in line with that the editors of the major science journals perceive as "truth". Case in point, Climategate. If you are not disgusted by a team of credited scientists talking about how to change their raw data to suit their ideas about "truth", then you need to get your head looked at.

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